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Sliding out of quarantine be like… Waterfall sliding and griding 🤟

Everyday that goes by is one less for us to get back to normal, scratch that we’ve never been normal, it’s one less for us to get back to our EPICness.

We’ve been taking several measures to ensure the highest safety possible to our guides to continue the epic lifestyle and guests to join us on our adventures and keep building those lifetime memories.

As of that we’ve applied and have been granted the “Clean & Safe” standard by our national tourism board.

A lot of those measures we’ve had since ever, like the disinfection of the gear with anti-bacterial and anti viral agents so it wasn’t that hard to comply to the requirements and to be in accordance with the standards.

But as you know we operate in a very special and particular environment, so we’re working as well with entities on the adventure segment.

So we’ve got a new set of rules and operation requirements that we must and will apply, to guarantee the highest safety procedures possible. Soon we’ll publish all of them.

We must embrace this adjustments in a positive way, since now we not only have the best guides and equipment but also have the highest health and safety standards

And we’ve had for a long time some projects in stand by due to not being able to dedicate the amount of time that they required, which hasn’t been the case at the moment so we’ve been puting our time to good use and will bring some EPIC news soon enough.

So keep safe for now because soon you’ll be with us on one of the most amazing places that this planet has!


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