Canyoning in Madeira and the power of overcoming.

Jumping and Canyoning without knowing how to swim

Canyoning in Madeira and the power of overcoming is really what this post is all about.

Doing what you love (which we do) is one of the most beautiful and fantastic things.

And days like this make it extra unique and gratifying.

We recently had a group of guests from Germany, and one of them was Clifford.

Although extremely reluctant to do the canyoning tour, he doesn’t know how to swim and has a slight phobia to aquatic environments.

Clifford went for it!

Canyoning involves a lot of overcoming yourself and your fears.

So it was crucial initial conversation and briefings from our guides.

We explained about the wet suit floating capabilities, besides all the ropes techniques and progression inside the canyoning.

The emphasis was to teach them how to work as a group and especially the specific techniques on how to deal with the water obstacles.

As soon as we started the activity, we could see how special it would be.

The group really committed to the task at hand, and Clifford showed us an incredible capability of overcoming.

Demonstrating clearly that “Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision” and jumped every single jump of this very aquatic canyoning.

Facing all the deepwater pools with such determination and spirit that left everyone in awe.

What a show that he put on!

If we had to sum up one word to describe this amazing experience, it would be nothing less than EPIC.

He really gave meaning to our companies name.

After the activity, we had to rename Clifford and give him a nickname, so from now one he’ll be known as Cliff Jumper.

Well done guys, we hope to see you again and to share with you another EPIC Canyoning adventure in Madeira Island.