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EPIC Anniversary Giveaway

The most special day of the year is here! Once again, it’s EPIC’s anniversary 🥳 where we celebrate eight years of EPIC existence. This year, and with all that has been happening this recent couple of them, we’ve decided to celebrate it differently. So, to thank all of you that follow and support us, we’ll […]

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Does it snow in Madeira island?

It’s not often that it snows in Madeira island. But yes it does snow! Usually, it only happens one or two times per year (or two years). And when it does we always try to make the best out of it, probably it’s the only option since we can’t do our favourite canyons . Another […]

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Amidst these troubled times that the world has been immersed in, we still had to celebrate our EPIC Madeira birthday. And like always make it one of our year’s highlights. So we’ve combined EPIC’s Anniversary and Christmas celebrations. And the plan was simple, celebrate it Madeiran style and make it EPIC, including a lot of […]

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Old ways of Madeira Island

Old ways of Madeira island in this new millennium. If you follow us, by now you know that we are daily in the most remote and secluded places in Madeira island. There’s one thing that never ceases to amaze us is when we see traces and evidences of our ancestor’s hard work and ingenuity. Specially […]

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Picture of the Day

Our picture of the day goes to Canyoning in Madeira island, and on one of our advanced canyons (and a favorite of ours). This one is located in the heart of the Laurissilva Forest, and in summer time it dries up, so we’re making the most of it while we can. This stunning shot may […]

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Travelling Madeira 2020 – All about Covid 19

Madeira details Standardization Plan for Air Accessibility The Government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM) has defined, in relation to the Standardization Plan for Air Accessibility, to be in force as of July 1, with regard to travelers to the airports of Madeira and Porto Santo: 1.  Filling out and submitting the epidemiological Survey: […]

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Much more than just canyoning…

Much more than just Canyoning! As you may now know, the government of Madeira Island has given us the green light to resume all outdoor and touristic activities.   Needless to say that it made us extremely happy, not only because we were able to go directly from lockdown to doing what we love the most and straight to our favourite places.   As you can imagine, outdoor sports for us […]

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