Due to its volcanic origins and orographic characteristics Madeira Island is a world reference as one of the best destinations to practice this exhilarating mountain activity.

Canyoning primary consists in the descent of water courses in an adventure manner with an exciting and very intimate contact with the lush nature of the Island.

Immersed in this unique nature the adventure element is widely present throughout the routes and you’ll have to use various techniques as means of progression to overcome a variety of amphibious obstacles.


Pedestrian dislocation inside the irregular water course, swimming and jumping to crystal clear pools, sliding on naturally carved water slides are all part of canyoning, but surely the greatest attraction goes to the use of various rope techniques to rappel down amazing paradisiac waterfalls.    ​​

Undoubtedly, It’s a must do activity with plenty of fun and adventure. Providing you to get in touch with nature’s most amazing and exclusive places.

Due to environment specifications where this activity takes place it’s always done in small groups providing a superior quality and safer experience.

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This activity is suitable to all ages and takes place in the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean that surround the island, encompassing movement along the intertidal zone on one of the most beautiful rocky coastlines of Madeira Island, several techniques are used to overcome the tour whether on foot, swimming, jumping, climbing it’s all on you, no boats, surf boards or other craft.

All this is made on a very special natural reserve in Madeira’s Natural Park. If this isn’t enough for you yet, we have plenty more.

As the activity is developed in crystal clear waters snorkelling is included as well. 🙂

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What we got in store for you are completely unforgettable journeys from the highest peaks to sea level whether on the north or south side of Madeira island.

On this rides we’ll take you along several Phyto-climatic floors that provide unique and stunning landscapes with plenty of emotion. For those who don’t want the extreme hardcore downhill this is without a doubt the number one bike tours on the island.

All our routes can be adjusted to the participants physical and technical capabilities and are structured in a way that you can pass through a variety of terrains, wide dirt roads, single tracks, old regional roads, levadas, everything can be found on our rides.

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Take all the above activities in consideration, add the everlasting love and care that our guides nurture for this wonderful island and mix all the entertainment and pleasure from our tours. That’s how we provide our guests with epic experiences and lifetime memories!