Much more than just canyoning…

Much more than just Canyoning… 
As you may now know, the government of Madeira Island has given us the green light to resume all outdoor and touristic activities.  

Needless to say that it made us extremely happy, not only because we were able to go directly from lockdown to doing what we love the most and straight to our favourite places.  

As you can imagine, outdoor sports for us are much more than just our job. It is also our way of life, as we do it as well as a hobby/sport.  

So, while we’re working backstage to get our tourism back on track, we are also enjoying ourselves as much as possible.

Our plan is simple, to do as much canyoning as we can! As of that,  we’ve elaborated a list of canyons for us to do, to practice and to simply have fun.  

For yesterday’s canyon we have chosen an incredibly special one. What makes it so special you may ask? 

Well for starters it begins in one of most amazing places in the island, which is “Fanal”, along the canyon we’ve got 22 abseils (rappel) that leads us to finish in one of the other amazing places in the island for canyoning, the famous “Chão da Ribeira” in Seixal. 

All of that with the magical surroundings of our endemic Laurel forest that is present along the way, but for sure the highlight of this canyon is its stunning waterfall of 120m. 
But as you know, we abide by our name, so we’ve had to go a bit further and make things EPIC.  

To accomplish that, we’ve decided to invite a very special guest to join us. Non-other than the incomparable Nuno Cunha, which is one of the canyoning pioneers in Madeira island  

And if you think that that isn’t enough, he was also part of the team that made the first descent of this canyon 14 years ago, along with the legendary Antoine Florian (the man responsible for canyoning in Madeira being what it is, but that’s a story for another time).  

As you can imagine we were in for an amazing canyoning, a history lesson, and lot´s of fun and good laughs with the humour and energy that characterizes Nuno so well. For him it was a comeback to a place that has a special place in his heart, since he’s now more into paragliding and mountain biking. But judging by the pics, you can see that he also had a really EPIC time with us.     

Canyoning Madeira Island
Canyoning Madeira Island

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